100% Off The Grid

After spending decades in the building industry, we can now offer you the option of off-the-grid sustainable living with our container concept.

This offers you:


40 to 50% cheaper than regular building cost

Quicker turn around time

When deciding to go off-the-grid, you might have some concerns as to how you will get along without all the modern amenities we are so accustomed to.


Basco Container Concepts are a self sustainable off-the-grid container home that provides you with all the comforts of a traditional home without the added expenses of municipal utility accounts.


Our container homes are custom built to the needs of each client. With the required number of bedrooms, living spaces, bathrooms, and storage areas.


Below we discuss each aspect of going off-the-grid.

Solar Electricity

A full assessment of your electrical requirements will be compiled to establish your needs.


According to your needs, a complete

solar system will be installed with

enough battery power to run all your

electrical appliances.


The battery bank will be located in a separate storage area of your home. Thus keeping it safe from all external elements.


You can run the following items on solar:

* Lights

* Appliances

* Internet and Wi-Fi

Gas Installation

We all require a proper cooking station, and with the variety of gas stoves on the market today you can have the pleasure of cooking without the traditional electric stoves.


The benefits of using a gas stove include the ability to prepare meals at a much faster pace than a traditional stove as you don’t have to wait for the heating element to reach a certain temperature.


With the current situation in South Africa where Loadshedding can occur at any time, you will no longer have to worry about not being able to prepare your meals.


The gas installation will be housed in a storage unit to minimize potential leakage exposure.


In traditional homes, you are charged for each sewerage line that is installed on your property.


With our very popular septic tank you can install as many sewerage lines as you require to ensure your families needs are met.


We generally install showers in our containers, however, if you require a bath, this can be arranged.


The septic tank will generally be used for toilets and all water drainage.


Should you decide to use your greywater for your garden, we can have a system installed for you that allows for no water wastage.


Water is an essential part of life. Without clean drinking water, we will not be able to survive.


Each building contains a number of water tanks to collect rainwater from your roof.


The water is then filtered through a customized filter system. You are then left with clean drinking water inside the home.


The entire filtering process is once again installed in your storage area and then connected to all faucets throughout the home.


By connecting your greywater to your sprinkler system you reduce the need of using drinking water to keep your garden well maintained.



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